Clients often ask about get­ting prints made quick­ly, right at an event and then giv­ing them out to the atten­dees right away.

I don’t cur­rent­ly do that, but I’m hap­py to refer the work to some peo­ple I know who do it.

One key is that there has to be a sub­stan­tial time between the last pho­to being tak­en, and the first print being giv­en out… I’d sug­gest that if that time is less than 30 min­utes for a small group or 1 hour+ for sev­er­al hun­dred pho­tos… don’t even try to do it… just send prints out after the event.

Anoth­er fun, and low­er stress, option is to project the pho­tos dur­ing din­ner time, which elim­i­nates the rush to make prints, yet every­one has the fun of see­ing them­selves and friends.

What to con­sid­er to make quick-prints a suc­cess:
Num­ber of sub­jects you expect to have tak­en
Most­ly cou­ples, groups, indi­vid­u­als?
Amount of time to take pho­tos
**‘Down Time’– after the last pho­to is tak­en until the first pho­to is need to be giv­en out** Most Crit­i­cal
4x6” or 5x7” prints

Then for your plan­ning, it’s impor­tant to plan in a good loca­tion where folks can eas­i­ly see they can get the pic­ture, but that it does not back up the flow of peo­ple when a few cou­ples or a group are wait­ing.

Have a great event!

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