Clients often ask about getting prints made quickly, right at an event and then giving them out to the attendees right away.

I don’t currently do that, but I’m happy to refer the work to some people I know who do it.

One key is that there has to be a substantial time between the last photo being taken, and the first print being given out… I’d suggest that if that time is less than 30 minutes for a small group or 1 hour+ for several hundred photos… don’t even try to do it… just send prints out after the event.

Another fun, and lower stress, option is to project the photos during dinner time, which eliminates the rush to make prints, yet everyone has the fun of seeing themselves and friends.

What to consider to make quick-prints a success:
Number of subjects you expect to have taken
Mostly couples, groups, individuals?
Amount of time to take photos
**’Down Time’– after the last photo is taken until the first photo is need to be given out** Most Critical
4×6″ or 5×7″ prints

Then for your planning, it’s important to plan in a good location where folks can easily see they can get the picture, but that it does not back up the flow of people when a few couples or a group are waiting.

Have a great event!

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