You know business is booming in the Raleigh-Durham Triangle area— Our job is to capture that energy & what makes your company so cool… then show it to the world.   Fast | Friendly | & Flexible.


What can we do for you?

We create a long-term file of images that  help you redesign your web site, create publications, or show off a bit in social media. And we include a custom PR photo plan based on a quick chat with you. [break]

Here’s an assortment of our PR images, so you can see what we mean:

See our full business portfolio HERE.   (We’re moving our business from the NY area, so most of our example images are from there.)



Why a PR Photo File:


Simply put: You are tapping our 25 years of experience to build you a killer file of image that you’ll use for the next several years.

Think of us as your PR Photo advisors. We meet with you and listen to your goals for your business. Then we suggest a plan to nail all of your image, web and social media needs over a one week time frame, for a flat, simple price.


What’s the Advantage to a Photo File:

The ability to walk away with a file of hundreds of images that are not fake ‘stock photos’, but exactly what you want, with your people, approved for any future use (free unlimited reuse included), is wildly efficient and cost effective for clients.

Having someone who’s planned these shoots for over a hundred clients is powerful to tap into. We know what you need, and the most efficient ways to get it done… without wasting staff time, or blocking your whole business up.


What we offer as part of this package:

  • Staff portrait file: update your web site with all new, consistent, professional portraits… and  we’ll give you a plan to keep them updated inexpensively
  • Owner/Key Staff Images: these candid images have character and a ton of uses
  • Process Photos: Show off all the phases of your business, so customers know what you offer (great for web sites)
  • Web Site Reboot: We’ll audit your web site with you and suggest how to update the images. It’s just like getting a whole new web site
  • PR Photo Plan: We’ve worked with some of the best clients in the country, so we have a ton of best practices to suggest
  • Simple Product Photos: Put some great images of your product up on your web site, or show it in use
  • A cool Photo Story posted online & that you can use for publication. It’s like having Wired Magazine covering your business… then giving you all the shots plus an online link— show the world how cool your startup or business is!
  • A complete & simple photo organization system. We’ll set you up so you can grab that photo of X in no time, and keep adding shots over time

The basic idea is, we listen to you and off we go. All for one simple price and timeline.

See a case study of one PR Photo File shoots HERE


Contact Ken now to discuss doing a Photo File, and hear the three complete, ‘simple price’ levels.




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