You know busi­ness is boom­ing in the Raleigh-Durham Tri­an­gle area— Our job is to cap­ture that ener­gy & what makes your com­pa­ny so cool… then show it to the world.   Fast | Friend­ly | & Flex­i­ble.

What can we do for you?

We cre­ate a long-term file of images that  help you redesign your web site, cre­ate pub­li­ca­tions, or show off a bit in social media. And we include a cus­tom PR pho­to plan based on a quick chat with you. 

Here’s an assortment of our PR images, so you can see what we mean:

See our full business portfolio HERE.   (We’re moving our business from the NY area, so most of our example images are from there.)


Why a PR Photo File:


Sim­ply put: You are tap­ping our 25 years of expe­ri­ence to build you a killer file of image that you’ll use for the next sev­er­al years.

Think of us as your PR Pho­to advi­sors. We meet with you and lis­ten to your goals for your busi­ness. Then we sug­gest a plan to nail all of your image, web and social media needs over a one week time frame, for a flat, sim­ple price.

What’s the Advan­tage to a Pho­to File:

The abil­i­ty to walk away with a file of hun­dreds of images that are not fake ‘stock pho­tos’, but exact­ly what you want, with your peo­ple, approved for any future use (free unlim­it­ed reuse includ­ed), is wild­ly effi­cient and cost effec­tive for clients.

Hav­ing some­one who’s planned these shoots for over a hun­dred clients is pow­er­ful to tap into. We know what you need, and the most effi­cient ways to get it done… with­out wast­ing staff time, or block­ing your whole busi­ness up.

What we offer as part of this pack­age:

  • Staff por­trait file: update your web site with all new, con­sis­tent, pro­fes­sion­al por­traits… and  we’ll give you a plan to keep them updat­ed inex­pen­sive­ly
  • Owner/Key Staff Images: these can­did images have char­ac­ter and a ton of uses
  • Process Pho­tos: Show off all the phas­es of your busi­ness, so cus­tomers know what you offer (great for web sites)
  • Web Site Reboot: We’ll audit your web site with you and sug­gest how to update the images. It’s just like get­ting a whole new web site
  • PR Pho­to Plan: We’ve worked with some of the best clients in the coun­try, so we have a ton of best prac­tices to sug­gest
  • Sim­ple Prod­uct Pho­tos: Put some great images of your prod­uct up on your web site, or show it in use
  • A cool Pho­to Sto­ry post­ed online & that you can use for pub­li­ca­tion. It’s like hav­ing Wired Mag­a­zine cov­er­ing your busi­ness… then giv­ing you all the shots plus an online link— show the world how cool your start­up or busi­ness is!
  • A com­plete & sim­ple pho­to orga­ni­za­tion sys­tem. We’ll set you up so you can grab that pho­to of X in no time, and keep adding shots over time

The basic idea is, we lis­ten to you and off we go. All for one sim­ple price and time­line.

See a case study of one PR Pho­to File shoots HERE


Con­tact Ken now to dis­cuss doing a Pho­to File, and hear the three com­plete, ‘sim­ple price’ lev­els.



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