I was just running the numbers on how wildly popular my web site for the RIT Reunion Photos was this year. We create a custom web site for the event and upload to it live all weekend. Here are some of the numbers.

So you understand… we have two things:
The Reunion Photo Site that people visited first as the home page, then the Photo Galleries themselves (on another site).

My Reunion Photo Site:
had over 2600 Unique Visitors

KAH_9130.jpg(photo by Natalie Best… see web site linked below)

And the photo gallery site stats are pretty impressive:
A total of almost 322,000 photos from the event were viewed.

What was most popular (rounded)?

107,000 President’s Ball Candids
62,600 Ball Couples & Elvis with Couples
52,000 Campus Receptions & PM Candids
48,000 Hockey Event & Receptions
29,000 Athletic Reunions

It’s hard to quantify just how huge this event was… But on just one day the Reunion Photo Site  served 1.22 Gigabytes of material.

This is the main photo site, not including the photo galleries with the big photos… but just the small stuff on the home page of the photo site.

That’s 15 times the volume that people normally see on my entire, main photo site in a day.

The photo galleries served 27.2 Gigs of photos total since they were put up.

Where did they come from?
1700 came from RIT.edu
400 from Facebook: This is the big news.

I can’t promise those were all RIT people… but Facebook didn’t even show up on my incoming links list last month… so I’d guess it’s mostly RIT.
The rest would have been directly coming to the site via the cards we gave out and notes in our slideshow at the Ball, etc.

So I’ve got to say, I’m really excited about the impact of our HuthPhoto Web Event. And the web site stays up for at least a year, continuing to be viewed by visitors. I’ve even see some of our web slide shows from events googling higher than the client’s official web site. What a great way to promote next year’s event, by using the previous year’s photo galleries, web site or slide show.

Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen!
Rob Grow and Kelly Redder @ RIT Alumni have given me free reign over the past 5 years to create this idea.
Peggy Glitch, Rachel Pikus and the other staff work to get it all linked up and promoted to Alumni.

Bob Finnerty at RIT News Services gives us massive play with a prominent link to the photos on the main RIT homepage (this is *critical* by the way, if you do this for your events!)

And my amazing photo team that helped cover over 17 events for 4 days:

Brady Dillsworth
Natalie Best
Richard Baker

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