I was just run­ning the num­bers on how wild­ly pop­u­lar my web site for the RIT Reunion Pho­tos was this year. We cre­ate a cus­tom web site for the event and upload to it live all week­end. Here are some of the num­bers.

So you under­stand… we have two things:
The Reunion Pho­to Site that peo­ple vis­it­ed first as the home page, then the Pho­to Gal­leries them­selves (on anoth­er site).

My Reunion Pho­to Site:
had over 2600 Unique Vis­i­tors

KAH_9130.jpg(pho­to by Natal­ie Best… see web site linked below)

And the pho­to gallery site stats are pret­ty impres­sive:
A total of almost 322,000 pho­tos from the event were viewed.

What was most pop­u­lar (round­ed)?

107,000 Pres­i­den­t’s Ball Can­dids
62,600 Ball Cou­ples & Elvis with Cou­ples
52,000 Cam­pus Recep­tions & PM Can­dids
48,000 Hock­ey Event & Recep­tions
29,000 Ath­let­ic Reunions

It’s hard to quan­ti­fy just how huge this event was… But on just one day the Reunion Pho­to Site  served 1.22 Giga­bytes of mate­r­i­al.

This is the main pho­to site, not includ­ing the pho­to gal­leries with the big pho­tos… but just the small stuff on the home page of the pho­to site.

That’s 15 times the vol­ume that peo­ple nor­mal­ly see on my entire, main pho­to site in a day.

The pho­to gal­leries served 27.2 Gigs of pho­tos total since they were put up.

Where did they come from?
1700 came from RIT.edu
400 from Face­book: This is the big news.

I can’t promise those were all RIT peo­ple… but Face­book did­n’t even show up on my incom­ing links list last month… so I’d guess it’s most­ly RIT.
The rest would have been direct­ly com­ing to the site via the cards we gave out and notes in our slideshow at the Ball, etc.

So I’ve got to say, I’m real­ly excit­ed about the impact of our Huth­Pho­to Web Event. And the web site stays up for at least a year, con­tin­u­ing to be viewed by vis­i­tors. I’ve even see some of our web slide shows from events googling high­er than the clien­t’s offi­cial web site. What a great way to pro­mote next year’s event, by using the pre­vi­ous year’s pho­to gal­leries, web site or slide show.

Thanks to every­one involved in mak­ing this hap­pen!
Rob Grow and Kel­ly Red­der @ RIT Alum­ni have giv­en me free reign over the past 5 years to cre­ate this idea.
Peg­gy Glitch, Rachel Pikus and the oth­er staff work to get it all linked up and pro­mot­ed to Alum­ni.

Bob Finner­ty at RIT News Ser­vices gives us mas­sive play with a promi­nent link to the pho­tos on the main RIT home­page (this is *crit­i­cal* by the way, if you do this for your events!)

And my amaz­ing pho­to team that helped cov­er over 17 events for 4 days:

Brady Dillsworth
Natal­ie Best
Richard Bak­er

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