You don’t have to go nuts with spend­ing… but I know that car GPS’s don’t real­ly work, since you are 99% off the road for Geo­caching.

You can use the Ground­speak Geo­caching app for the iPhone, but we cache in such bad weather/spots that I’d hate to have to car­ry the phone out in the open for hours and risk it… and I don’t know that the iPhone GPS is as fast/exact as a ded­i­cat­ed GPS for get­ting with­in a few fee of some­thing… it could be a cheap start though, if you have the iPhone any­way. Oh, and it’s a great app for going paper­less and has tons of great fea­tures. Well worth the mon­ey. And there’s a Free Ver­sion to play around with first.
We have a Garmin eTrex Ven­ture HC… I dun­no, around $125? And it’s per­fect. You do want one that’ll hook USB to your com­put­er, so you don’t have to man­u­al­ly enter the coor­di­nates.
DON’T get a Mag­el­lan. The one I bought had issues, and they refused to repair or replace it… said it was dis­con­tin­ued, even though I just bought it. Go to and see what peo­ple are say­ing they like.
There’s even a very simple/inexpensive one that comes pre loaded with caches… most­ly to get kids start­ed. But I like the mul­ti-use of a full GPS.

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