Hav­ing a great time with Leop­ard… Quick­look is amaz­ing (you can see a full-screen look at any document/photo/etc with­out open­ing any application…look at a Word doc with­out open­ing Word, see a pho­to pre­view instant­ly by click­ing the space bar!).

Any­way, I still use Pho­to­shop CS1, since Aper­ture, I’m more about work­flow than the new­er gad­gets in Pho­to­shop… any­way, if it helps any­one else:
After doing a clean install of CS1 I want­ed to get my work spaces back and could­n’t find them in the Pho­to­shop fold­er with the oth­er set­tings… They turn out to be in your User fold­er, then Library, then Pref­er­ences and you’ll see a num­ber of those prefs start­ing with ‘Adobe’ near the top of your list.

Mov­ing those from my pre­vi­ous fold­er (you did back up, did­n’t you??!) to the new fold­er brought back my beloved Work Spaces.

Every­thing is run­ning much faster under Leop­ard and there are only a very few minor bugs (and OKI has­n’t put out new dri­vers for my office print­er yet).

I’m real­ly enjoy­ing it!

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