They watched the show. They took a pho­to togeth­er after­wards. I ran up to get this pic. They loved it. Incred­i­bly nice… seemed like good peo­ple to get to know.

(A quick note: I know I’ve not post­ed in a while here, due to a bunch of busi­ness shoots, trav­el for afore­men­tioned busi­ness shoots, apa­thy, depres­sion, and oth­er things, but I’ve got some incred­i­ble stuff com­ing. No mat­ter what, I nev­er stopped shoot­ing, and nev­er will. Just gimme a few days.)

Col­in met this sweet cou­ple at our gig cov­er­ing Ben Gib­bard of Death Cab for Cutie at the NCMA. They came up after to show him that as he was snap­ping this image, he appears a lit­tle bit in the back of one of their self­ie.

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