I use Boinx’s FotoMagi­co for my pro dig­i­tal image shows. It has won­der­ful­ly smooth tran­si­tions and lots of fea­tures, but I just bumped into Pulp­Mo­tion from Aquafadas soft­ware.

Aquafadas has a slick lit­tle Flash pro­gram that’s part of the cur­rent MacUp­date Bun­dle Deal (check that out too!) and I bumped into Pulp­Mo­tion from that.

It uses the ‘theme’ idea that’s ruined many such prod­ucts, but these guys are like Apple… their design sense rocks. And on top of that, some of the themes just seem to be sim­ple tran­si­tion and text set­tings.

I’ll demo it and let you know if it’s as cool as it looks. Check out their site for videos of the shows cre­at­ed with Pulp­Mo­tion.

(Ban­nerZest Exam­ple with a theme)

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