My friend Don Kot from Geva and Nazareth College asked:

I was looking at the photos you took for our production of ELEGIES at Nazareth. They came out great (as usual!)……I was thinking of putting together a slideshow of sorts for our Dean, chairperson, and our tiny cast…..What do you suggest? or something like that?

Thanks! And Happy New Year!



Here’s what I suggested…

For a computer show:

Boinx Software - PhotoPresenter.jpg

If you have access to a Mac, this is great software for easy photo shows… Boinx Software’s PhotoPresenter.It’s only $20. It has tons of slideshow templates from clean and classy to tacky, so you’ll have plenty of options… Just choose wisely, young Jedi!
To get really fancy and do a pro-level show with everything timed and all, they make ‘Fotomagico‘, which I love and use for client work. You can output to iPod or DVD as well as play from the laptop. So I’m totally backed up in case of hardware failure… just play it from my iPhone or a DVD.

When I’m doing something very text-heavy and with photos, I uses Apple’s Keynote. Before I found PhotoPresenter, the easiest thing was just using Apple’s iPhoto. It’s free on all Macs. At the lower left of the iPhoto window is a ‘Play’ button to play any album as a slideshow… that creates a show that you can view immediately or tweak the settings on.
If you are on the PC side, I’m not really sure… I know lots of folks just use PowerPoint, which does the job, but isn’t very elegant or user-friendly for shows. Just stay away for cheesy transitions.

For a web-based show: is nice if the goal is a small Flash slideshow on the ‘Net. Very easy to learn. Lots of options. It’s grab your photos from Flickr and other sites. Watch out for cheesy templates.

But for doing bigger web slide shows, having more display options (and some shows with real class), I like JAlbum. It is designed for posting web galleries and shows. It’s donation-ware, and I liked it enough to pay. It’s available for Mac, Win, Linux, etc.

You download the software, then the ‘skins’ which are the different ways to present the images (gallery of thumbnail images, or slideshows, etc).
Autoviewer  is a standard on the ‘Net and PostcardViewer  is fun. PhotoStack  would also be good for a big slideshow online. Just check out the online examples of the ‘most downloaded’ and the ‘highest rated’ skins and you’ll see the ones I mentioned.
You would have to invest a bit more time to learn the JAlbum settings (or find a geek actor to help). If you wanted to do lots of this sort of thing, learning JAlbum is pretty easy and really worthwhile. And once you get the settings where you like, you can save that as your default.

PS- for anyone using Apple’s Aperture, what I do most often is just use the Flash Album Exporter plug-in. They also have an iPhoto version, but sadly, the developer isn’t working on it any more, so someday it’ll break. Hopefully someone else will create a similar plug in. It’s great to create and export a Flash show right from Aperture.

Hope that helps everyone in creating shows… send me a link when you create something cool!
Cheers for your ’09!Ken

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