My friend Don Kot from Geva and Nazareth Col­lege asked:

I was look­ing at the pho­tos you took for our pro­duc­tion of ELEGIES at Nazareth. They came out great (as usual!).…..I was think­ing of putting togeth­er a slideshow of sorts for our Dean, chair­per­son, and our tiny cast.….What do you sug­gest? or some­thing like that?

Thanks! And Hap­py New Year!



Here’s what I sug­gest­ed…

For a com­put­er show:

Boinx Software - PhotoPresenter.jpg

If you have access to a Mac, this is great soft­ware for easy pho­to shows… Boinx Soft­ware’s Pho­to­P­re­sen­ter.It’s only $20. It has tons of slideshow tem­plates from clean and classy to tacky, so you’ll have plen­ty of options… Just choose wise­ly, young Jedi!
To get real­ly fan­cy and do a pro-lev­el show with every­thing timed and all, they make ‘Fotomagi­co’, which I love and use for client work. You can out­put to iPod or DVD as well as play from the lap­top. So I’m total­ly backed up in case of hard­ware fail­ure… just play it from my iPhone or a DVD.

When I’m doing some­thing very text-heavy and with pho­tos, I uses Apple’s Keynote. Before I found Pho­to­P­re­sen­ter, the eas­i­est thing was just using Apple’s iPho­to. It’s free on all Macs. At the low­er left of the iPho­to win­dow is a ‘Play’ but­ton to play any album as a slideshow… that cre­ates a show that you can view imme­di­ate­ly or tweak the set­tings on.
If you are on the PC side, I’m not real­ly sure… I know lots of folks just use Pow­er­Point, which does the job, but isn’t very ele­gant or user-friend­ly for shows. Just stay away for cheesy tran­si­tions.

For a web-based show: is nice if the goal is a small Flash slideshow on the ‘Net. Very easy to learn. Lots of options. It’s grab your pho­tos from Flickr and oth­er sites. Watch out for cheesy tem­plates.

But for doing big­ger web slide shows, hav­ing more dis­play options (and some shows with real class), I like JAl­bum. It is designed for post­ing web gal­leries and shows. It’s dona­tion-ware, and I liked it enough to pay. It’s avail­able for Mac, Win, Lin­ux, etc.

You down­load the soft­ware, then the ‘skins’ which are the dif­fer­ent ways to present the images (gallery of thumb­nail images, or slideshows, etc).
Autoview­er  is a stan­dard on the ‘Net and Post­card­View­er  is fun. Pho­to­Stack  would also be good for a big slideshow online. Just check out the online exam­ples of the ‘most down­loaded’ and the ‘high­est rat­ed’ skins and you’ll see the ones I men­tioned.
You would have to invest a bit more time to learn the JAl­bum set­tings (or find a geek actor to help). If you want­ed to do lots of this sort of thing, learn­ing JAl­bum is pret­ty easy and real­ly worth­while. And once you get the set­tings where you like, you can save that as your default.

PS- for any­one using Apple’s Aper­ture, what I do most often is just use the Flash Album Exporter plug-in. They also have an iPho­to ver­sion, but sad­ly, the devel­op­er isn’t work­ing on it any more, so some­day it’ll break. Hope­ful­ly some­one else will cre­ate a sim­i­lar plug in. It’s great to cre­ate and export a Flash show right from Aper­ture.

Hope that helps every­one in cre­at­ing shows… send me a link when you cre­ate some­thing cool!
Cheers for your ’09!Ken

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