I’m always encouraging folks to shoot larger series of photos. Good shots don’t come from taking one frame (for a snap-shooter) and Great shots don’t come from taking two or three or four frames (for the publication shooter).
I learned a while back from watching my newspaper shooter friends to really hang in there with series and wait for the right expression, action to happen. I’m amazed how often it does.

If you are standing close to me on a shoot, you might hear me mumbling (or do I just think it?)… ‘OK, he’s gonna look up and show that thing to his mom… come on…. look up….’  After shooting for twenty years, you do get pretty good at anticipating where people will look, when they’ll smile, etc.

Ok, Maybe something here..


Get in closer, like the boy’s gesture.  ••Good Shot•• She look happy, you see what she’s doing, boy still interested
…. then the last frame it all falls apart.

The other thing I love is to look at the series in editing. Sometimes the best shot is very early, some times in the middle and you can watch the shot get less and less interesting as the frames go by… and often, the best is the last few shots, when you know you’ve nailed it.


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