I’m always encour­ag­ing folks to shoot larg­er series of pho­tos. Good shots don’t come from tak­ing one frame (for a snap-shoot­er) and Great shots don’t come from tak­ing two or three or four frames (for the pub­li­ca­tion shoot­er).
I learned a while back from watch­ing my news­pa­per shoot­er friends to real­ly hang in there with series and wait for the right expres­sion, action to hap­pen. I’m amazed how often it does.

If you are stand­ing close to me on a shoot, you might hear me mum­bling (or do I just think it?)… ‘OK, he’s gonna look up and show that thing to his mom… come on.… look up.…’  After shoot­ing for twen­ty years, you do get pret­ty good at antic­i­pat­ing where peo­ple will look, when they’ll smile, etc.

Ok, Maybe some­thing here..


Get in clos­er, like the boy’s ges­ture.  ••Good Shot•• She look hap­py, you see what she’s doing, boy still inter­est­ed
.… then the last frame it all falls apart.

The oth­er thing I love is to look at the series in edit­ing. Some­times the best shot is very ear­ly, some times in the mid­dle and you can watch the shot get less and less inter­est­ing as the frames go by… and often, the best is the last few shots, when you know you’ve nailed it.


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