Ah, so my friend just told me he’s been out of work for 7 months and he’s won­der­ing about pho­tog­ra­phy for mon­ey… but mon­ey is tight. (We’re just get­ting back in touch thanks to Face­Book).

If mon­ey is tight… start with the low end on cam­eras and make shoot­ing earn the next steps… but you do have to start with some­thing like the Rebel and lens and a flash, so still around $900-$1000. Too bad you weren’t around here, I could loan you some old­er stuff like I do with some of my young asso­ciate shoot­ers.

No mat­ter what you end up doing full time in the future, it’s great way to make mon­ey here and there…

For now, take any dig­i­tal cam­era you have and shoot tons and learn lots online.

Tips from the Top Floor Podcast

Here are a few good sites:

Stro­bist : Great light­ing with inex­pen­sive Flash

Tips From the Top Floor Pod­cast : Cre­ative Pho­to­ga­phy

Start to talk to peo­ple about want­i­ng to get going and see what they say. If things are just right, maybe you can get the first cou­ple hun­dred from a good shoot with some­one that will pre­pay (like a fam­i­ly per­son need­ing some fam­i­ly por­traits… or get cre­ative and have like 2 or 3 fam­i­lies who have kids in lit­tle league pay for you to come to 2 or 3 games and you’ll give them all the pho­tos… maybe rent a long lens.

There are lots of ways to start. BUT you have to have the eye and some tal­ent. Also sign up for free online stuff so peo­ple can see your pho­tos quick… like Flickr and a Word­Press blog.

Good luck man!

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