Good staff portraits are more important than ever with social media, web sites, industry blogs & conferences.

You need professional, consistent images of your staff with no lost work time: Use our cost-effective (+ time-efficient!) plan to get it done.

On the Run Portraits:

Key Features:

  • We schedule an initial time to photograph all of your current staff. This is your largest investment.
  • The photos are done at your site (break room, conference room, etc) and take only a few minutes per subject
  • The quality is excellent, unlike the bland, big box chain options
  • Then as you add staff, once or twice a year, you schedule a flexible ‘On the Run’ Portrait session (Pricing HERE)
  • Why ‘on the run’?  Because we give you a discount for scheduling the photo updates around times we’re already running to another shoot.

Rather than having a nasty mix of snapshots, portraits and weird backgrounds, have us coordinate the whole thing for you. How much is a professional image of your staff worth? How much time can they save, by not going out of the office for a portrait, or to someone who takes forever? Let us zip by, so you’re always up to date — You’ll use those photos to promote your business & in social media for years.



Contact Ken now to discuss getting started with our On the Run Portrait service.

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