The UofR Medical Center held the annual Golf Glassic with Pro Jeff Sluman there to visit and work with the golfers.

Now, often these ‘Famous People’ Meet & Greets I’m hired to shoot, usually go like this:
Cattle-line of folks waiting to meet ‘Mr. Famous’, They shake hands and I take a photo, the donor gets to say ‘I really like your work’ and then on to the next person.

Now hey, I don’t want to bust on anybody… just rave about how it went at the URMC.

For anyone that showed up early, Jeff did a clinic, told stories along with Oak Hill pro Craig Harmon.

Then Jeff was at one (very challenging) hole and he’d chat with folks while waiting for the foursome ahead to get off the green, we’d snap a quick shot of the foursome with Jeff and he’d hit a ball with the group… pretty cool seeing a pro at work up that close, and…if you could hit it closer to the pin, you got a gift certificate from the pro shop.

Another cool touch, my UofR contact Tom and Jeff worked out that Jeff signed the balls, and no matter if you won against Jeff…the golfer who was closest to the pin on that hole got to keep Jeff’s signed ball.

So, kudos to URMC’s development folks and Jeff, who’s got the personality (and funny stories) to make it all happen!

See more of my photos from the event HERE

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