Tres’ Cool… Flock is set up to Blog from a web brows­er (Flock is that brows­er!)

Advan­tages of Flock:

  • WYSIWYG writ­ing… look, there’s the bul­let, not just the HTML code
  • it’s so web 2.0
  • My Flickr pho­tos are sit­ting up there right now, wait­ing to show off my pho­to skill for you… look out… here one comes now:


I am the Flock fairy and I bring you stress-free blogging…Poof! (dang, I almost wrote poop) 😉


Mmm, Flock is bet­ter than cot­ton can­dy!


Ooh, and I can eas­i­ly put in dif­fer­ent sized pho­tos…

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