NHL & Amerks’ Gates Orlando Gets a New Heart

Great to see that only one week after pho­tograph­ing Gates Orlan­do, he got a donor heart and soon went home.

Info on his trans­plant and recov­ery HERE.

We did an hour of pho­tog­ra­phy with Mr. Orlan­do for his alma mater Prov­i­dence Col­lege’s mag­a­zine.

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  • HuthPhoto-KAH_5399
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_5086
  • HuthPhoto-KAH_4923
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By the way, It’s easy to become an organ donor. We do it with each dri­vers license renew­al. Learn more HERE


(note: due to med­ical pri­va­cy, we’ve not giv­en any infor­ma­tion that has­n’t been pub­lished in the mag­a­zine or news report. And the pub­lic use of pho­tos from this shoot were OK’d by Mr. Orlan­do)

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