Ordering System & Rights

Normal Photo Ordering System

After the shoot, we pare down the pho­tos to the best images (get­ting rid of blinks, poor expo­sure, redun­dant frames). Your pho­tos are giv­en a quick ‘light prep’  by Ken and you get an easy down­load link to get a fold­er of every­thing.

The Steps:

  • Ken pre­pares all good images from the shoot to be in the ball­park for gen­er­al use (He calls it ‘a light prep’), but they are not Pho­to­shop retouched
  • You can order spe­cif­ic images you need to have a ‘full prep’ retouched if need­ed
  • You are emailed a link to our Cloud Deliv­ery site to down­load the prepped files with­in 5 busi­ness days
  • If you’d like online edit­ing, pho­tos can be post­ed to HuthPhoto.com sev­er­al days after the shoot (Rush avail­able)

 Usage Rights:

Prepped images come with unlim­it­ed reuse rights (for your com­pa­ny only of course). The light­ly prepped images are OK for snap­shots, or basic inter­nal use, but I sug­gest that any impor­tant usage (Pub­li­ca­tions, Web Ban­ners, Nice Donor Gift Prints, etc)  get ordered through me.

Cost Exam­ple: 

As a rough exam­ple: a PR two hour shoot might gen­er­ate 300 images, about 100 would be deliv­ered.  For  glossy pub­li­ca­tions, a client might order 10 to be prepped for $10 each, $100 total.

Who owns the Copyright?

Huth­Pho­to retains the copy­right on all images.

I give unlim­it­ed reuse rights to clients on all images I deliv­er to you (for use with­in your orga­ni­za­tion only, of course).

With unlim­it­ed reuse rights, I’m not sure why an orga­ni­za­tion would need the copy­right too. I like to main­tain the copy­right, since it’s my cre­ative work.  But, if your orga­ni­za­tion has a firm pol­i­cy on buy­ing the copy­right to the images (mean­ing that you could then sell the image, etc), then that could be nego­ti­at­ed at a fee clos­er to 100% of the shoot.


What can I do with the lightly prepped images you delivered?

You know Ken, he does­n’t stress too much and cer­tain­ly won’t go chas­ing you down if you use an unprepped file…

Here’s the goal:

We both want only the best images to rep­re­sent you in pub­lic.

Why does it mat­ter?

  • I’ve seen pho­tos get used that are real­ly bad. Even first-class clients and design­ers some­times get rushed and don’t check a shot out well enough.
  • Hav­ing it prepped by Ken ensures qual­i­ty and saves you stress.
  • Crit­i­cal things I catch and retouch:  a gap­ping shirt or lin­gerie strap on a lady donor… or a rude ges­ture or TShirt on a kid, a Bath­room sign… you just dont want that to get pub­lished. Often in a rush, edit­ing from a small­er file, you might miss those things.
  •  I also often throw in free alter­nate images that I find in the series that might work bet­ter for you.
  • Remem­ber, It’s only $10 to have an image prepped, so why not do it right?


What uses are OK then?

  • Giv­ing the files to design­ers to play around with for a pub­li­ca­tion (often called FPO Images… For Place­ment Only)
  • Mak­ing a snap­shot to stick on your bul­letin board, for your files, a quick donor give­away
  •  Casu­al web use (not promi­nent, like a ban­ner, etc)
  • In-house­/s­mall newslet­ter

Do you have your own in-house design/Photoshop pro staff?

  • Dis­cuss this with Ken. For long-term clients who are total­ly set up to do the prep work, I’m fine with your doing it. That ful­fills the goal above, right?
  • In my expe­ri­ence though, clients have told me that even when they can do the prep them­selves, they often pre­fer to have Ken do it as it’s a great val­ue at $10/image for his lev­el of Pho­to­shop skill. They say their staff are busy enough and it’s a sav­ings to them.

Final thoughts:

I real­ize that some­times you have a crazy rush, etc and I under­stand. But please remem­ber that the more promi­nent the use of the pho­to, the more it’s worth hav­ing it prop­er­ly prepped.

How do we credit you on publication?

When pos­si­ble please cred­it:


(or Ken A. Huth Pho­tog­ra­phy)

If images are used on the web, please con­sid­er link­ing to my web site where your vis­i­tors can see more pho­tos I’ve done for you:


If you are real­ly pleased with my work and have a links area, con­sid­er adding me there.

 If you’d like to include my logo (with my unex­celled thanks!)

Right-but­ton click to down­load this image:

How long do you keep photos from my event?

We main­tain our pho­to archive from all events, but clients are the first and best archive of your own images. Please down­load your pho­tos with­in a week of our send­ing the deliv­ery link (we pay for a high-speed deliv­ery serv­er, and clean it off reg­u­lar­ly).
After the ini­tial deliv­ery of your pho­tos, we sug­gest you back them up in sev­er­al places for safe­ty (ask us for our tip sheet on orga­niz­ing your pho­tos).
If you’ve mis­placed your images, we’re hap­py to resend them, but after 6 months, there may be a charge for pulling the images from file & deliv­ery.
Long-term, we back­up all clients images—but the respon­si­bil­i­ty to pro­tect them after our deliv­ery is yours (just like you do with any item you pur­chase).


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