I’ve passed this door many times on shoots at the Strong Hospital, but never have gone in…

You might have guessed from the Latin Mortui and my title, what I’ve been up to. I was doing a shoot of UR’s Pathology Residents (Pathology is scientifically studying tissues, organs, etc for causes of disease) and Strong’s entire Path facility is apparently world class… including the Morgue.

So I shot the Morgue (unoccupied). The door roughly says
“Herein the dead teach the living”, which is a nice way of viewing it. Looks like the sign goes back to Dr. Whipple when the hospital started.

I ran from this shoot of dissections and morgues to put on my suit, superman-style in the bathroom and then photograph the new head of the $1.6 Billion dollar affair, Dr. Berk, as he was being vested as the new head of the URMC. Whole lotta teaching going on there as well…Dr. Berk seems like he’ll be a terrific leader.

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