I’ve passed this door many times on shoots at the Strong Hos­pi­tal, but nev­er have gone in…

You might have guessed from the Latin Mor­tui and my title, what I’ve been up to. I was doing a shoot of UR’s Pathol­o­gy Res­i­dents (Pathol­o­gy is sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly study­ing tis­sues, organs, etc for caus­es of dis­ease) and Strong’s entire Path facil­i­ty is appar­ent­ly world class… includ­ing the Morgue.

So I shot the Morgue (unoc­cu­pied). The door rough­ly says
“Here­in the dead teach the liv­ing”, which is a nice way of view­ing it. Looks like the sign goes back to Dr. Whip­ple when the hos­pi­tal start­ed.

I ran from this shoot of dis­sec­tions and morgues to put on my suit, super­man-style in the bath­room and then pho­to­graph the new head of the $1.6 Bil­lion dol­lar affair, Dr. Berk, as he was being vest­ed as the new head of the URMC. Whole lot­ta teach­ing going on there as well…Dr. Berk seems like he’ll be a ter­rif­ic leader.

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