Roxanne and Ken-Festival Ideas3-07
No, I don’t know what I was doing making a fist…I think it was an enthusiastic thing??

Jim Kane that coordinates my photography for the Brighton Schools Festival of Ideas took me up on an offer for a photo student to ‘shadow’ me on the shoot.

And what a terrific student she was… Roxanne is very enthusiastic about shooting and asked great questions. Best of all, she got great shots 🙂

Roxanne-Festival Ideas3-07

Students who might get a chance to Shadow, learn from Roxanne:

  • She went to my web site and learned about my work
  • She had questions ready, some technical (when should I be using full manual??) to really great ones like ‘How do I get over being shy at getting into the action, right in front of everyone and taking photos?’
  • She came with cameras, so that she could shoot too
  • She knew enough about photography to ask good questions. If you don’t know what to ask, maybe you don’t need to be shadowing a pro?
  • Roxanne was a nice person and pleasant to work with… there’s no underestimating people skills in this career…
  • She shot her stuff, I shot mine and it went well. There’s nothing worse than standing side by side and overlapping on every shot (actually, I budged in on a few of her good shots though 😉

Chess-Festival Ideas3-07 Just a random shot from the event I liked…Love that wide angle!

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