My journey to redoing the blog has led me to Mars. I’m testing out Mars Edit’s demo now with this post to see if I like it.

It seems like it’s the most ‘Mac-like’ of the ones I’ve tried so far. Ecto is OK as well.

Honestly my favorite so far has been using the Flock browser for posting. It’s wonderful to have my Flickr photos sitting up there waiting for me…


Oh, I’ve just been writing more about Flock than Mars Edit. Well, so far it’s OK. I like that it uploads images to the server, not just pulling from Flickr, which can be slower. I’m now looking for image formatting options…

So I don’t see any options beyond alignment… no sizing or borders, so I’d have to hard-code that in.


So nice HTML inserts in a pulldown.

Like h2 for instance… and the mighty blockquote.

Alright-y, let’s upload this puppy and see who salutes 😉

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