My jour­ney to redo­ing the blog has led me to Mars. I’m test­ing out Mars Edit’s demo now with this post to see if I like it.

It seems like it’s the most ‘Mac-like’ of the ones I’ve tried so far. Ecto is OK as well.

Hon­est­ly my favorite so far has been using the Flock brows­er for post­ing. It’s won­der­ful to have my Flickr pho­tos sit­ting up there wait­ing for me…


Oh, I’ve just been writ­ing more about Flock than Mars Edit. Well, so far it’s OK. I like that it uploads images to the serv­er, not just pulling from Flickr, which can be slow­er. I’m now look­ing for image for­mat­ting options…

So I don’t see any options beyond align­ment… no siz­ing or bor­ders, so I’d have to hard-code that in.


So nice HTML inserts in a pulldown.

Like h2 for instance… and the mighty block­quote.

Alright‑y, let’s upload this pup­py and see who salutes 😉

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