Little Snapper

My friend Paul asked about the best Mac Screen Capture.

Built into the Mac are some pretty good options (Command-Shift-3 for grab screen and Command-Shift-4 to get a selection crosshair to drag around anything you want a capture of.) BTW, when you are in the Crosshair mode, you can hit the spacebar and get the Camera, where you can then just hover over screen windows and they beautifully autoselect (even the dock and menus).

The next step up, which I bought when I started teaching and writing so much is Snapz Pro X. It has a ton of options and you can save other places that then Mac built-in default of the desktop. The big upgrade is drop-shadow on grabs and the ability to grab video, so any thing that can appear on your Mac’s screen can be recorded.

SnapzPro XThe new software is LIttleSnapper, and we’ll see when it finally releases, how it’ll be different… They are blogging up a store and there’s a demo movie on their site. It’s from the same people that make my web creation software (RealMac’s RapidWeaver), so it’s bound to be good.
Happy snappin’!

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