Little Snapper

My friend Paul asked about the best Mac Screen Cap­ture.

Built into the Mac are some pret­ty good options (Com­mand-Shift‑3 for grab screen and Com­mand-Shift‑4 to get a selec­tion crosshair to drag around any­thing you want a cap­ture of.) BTW, when you are in the Crosshair mode, you can hit the space­bar and get the Cam­era, where you can then just hov­er over screen win­dows and they beau­ti­ful­ly autos­e­lect (even the dock and menus).

The next step up, which I bought when I start­ed teach­ing and writ­ing so much is Snapz Pro X. It has a ton of options and you can save oth­er places that then Mac built-in default of the desk­top. The big upgrade is drop-shad­ow on grabs and the abil­i­ty to grab video, so any thing that can appear on your Mac’s screen can be record­ed.

SnapzPro XThe new soft­ware is LIt­tleSnap­per, and we’ll see when it final­ly releas­es, how it’ll be dif­fer­ent… They are blog­ging up a store and there’s a demo movie on their site. It’s from the same peo­ple that make my web cre­ation soft­ware (Real­Mac’s Rapid­Weaver), so it’s bound to be good.
Hap­py snap­pin’!

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