I just acci­den­tal­ly grabbed the wrong part of a font palette and found this out.

If you pull the lit­tle dim­ple at the top of the palette (which usu­al­ly means some­thing like a ‘draw­er’ is hid­den there), it expos­es a font pre­view, so you can see how the font ren­ders, not just it’s name.

The screen­shot above is after it’s pulled and you see the pre­view. The ‘dim­ple’ is above the ‘shad­ow text’ T.

To get the font palette in most appli­ca­tions, you go to some­thing like an ‘edit’ or ‘for­mat’ menu, and see if ‘show fonts’ is an option. Then you get this float­ing palette. I play with fonts so much, I have it open most of the time in Keynote, Pages, etc.

Enjoy being a font geek!

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