Ansel Adam’s son Michael visited the Eastman House and it was a real treat. He told the stories of being on photo trips with Ansel and how images like Moonrise (above).
Now the ‘like father, like son’ comment is funny, as Michael is a doctor who rarely takes photographs. BUT he really had Ansel’s, kind spirit and humor.

The top question Michael gets asked? “What would Ansel think about digital photography ?” Michael suggests that Ansel would have loved digital photography and near to his death, Ansel was being give Apple computers by Steve Jobs, which he loved.

It makes sense that AA would have embraced digital since many of his final prints are worlds away from the look of the raw negative. Ansel said that ‘the negative is the score and the print is the performance’. That’s well shown by many of AA’s printing notes on display with the show… Do you wonder how he printed the Moonrise photo? The show even has his hand-written notes on what areas to dodge and burn as well as examples of how the straight print would have looked.

Congratulations to GEH for mounting this great exhibition (all of which comes from GEH’s own archive!) and thanks to Dr. Adams and his wife for the wonderful stories and visit. Show runs through September 3rd 2007… so go soon. Info HERE

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