I had a really amazing discussion with a client last week. It started with the fact that the local paper is cutting back in a million ways and that to get out their message, even on great stories is nearly impossible… but how to get out the message in our current world, which is arguably post-newspaper.

Obviously we discussed the web and he said they post press releases online constantly, but how do you become a web site that people want to go to, and then how do you make them want to see your message??

He told me a story about a really exciting blog one expert started on his own, and it was getting tons of hits, until the top people saw it and thought it presented the organization’s message ‘in too light of a manner’… and so they killed it.

This is the challenge today— Promote your organization well and have something people want to see…but it has to start with the vision to be trusting, interesting, valuable and different.

Check out what these guys are doing… different, fun, educational… bet they get lots of hits and I bet their organization’s reputation as a cool place is growing. The main site is here and this is a fun out-takes reel:

Your homework Ms. PR Guru… would your organization run with an idea like this, or run from it?!
I have maybe 10% of my clients that do really interesting things on the web with my photos… but many just don’t have the ability (Web site is created by IT and can’t be easily updated), or vision (don’t realize how many visitors cool, current photos on the site). It’s basically free to do and I know over the next few years it’s going to be a huge growth area… and now with the media doing less coverage of exciting things my clients do, we’ll be helping them get out the message online.

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