I love seeing my old professor Les Stroebel (left in the photo) at the RIT Reunion each year.

Les was one of my profs for ‘Materials & Processes of Photography’ (known as M&P, it was every science rolled into one class… we learned photography down to the atomic level!)
So Les and John Compton did a great job making a tough class interesting and useful and when we had our final class, we created a ‘Les is More’ banner that hung in the class and we all wore similar buttons.

One lesson I have today from that class is that the real, solid basics will never go out of fashion. The same histograms we learned (and honestly thought we’d never use, are part of my everyday life in Photoshop and in-camera, judging exposure… the histogram is the hills and valleys plot of how bright/dark a photo is).

This year Les beat me to the punch, he said:
‘Hi Ken, You looked surprised when I beat you to the punch and took this picture.’

and sent me this photo:

and here’s my photo of him at the same time… OK, Les won…

I’ll get him next year  🙂

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