I just want­ed to plug the ‘Learn’ forum sec­tion of my web site… It’s where I archive tips and ques­tions that relate to dig­i­tal pho­to, doing busi­ness with us, Pho­to­shop, etc.

The advan­tage over there is that it’s all by cat­e­go­ry and eas­i­er to get around than a blog for­mat. Vis­it my Learn area HERE

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, due to spam-bots, I can’t open the forums up for your ques­tions and dis­cus­sions… but you can always e‑mail me ques­tions (con­tact info is on HuthPhoto.com)SafariScreenSnapz027.jpg

Ooh, the CD longevi­ty top­ic is great… and I update the Dig­i­tal Cam­era Ques­tions top­ic when clients ask which of the newest cam­eras they should buy.

Here’s an exam­ple from today:

Q: My client/friend Katie asked a great ques­tion:

While in the Out­er Banks a few weeks ago, my sis­ter took a pic­ture of my fam­i­ly, and it’s a great shot (Xmas card wor­thy), but it’s blur­ry for some rea­son. Do online pro­grams like Kodak­Gallery, Snap­fish, etc have tools that help fix that? I guess more impor­tant­ly, is that even fix­able in t[/color]he first place?

A: Ken Says:

You know, that’s a great ques­tion…

Sad­ly, focus is one of the things that real­ly can’t be changed. If some­thing is a lit­tle out of focus, there are tricks to make it look more in focus (I take things like glass­es and line areas like brows, hair, etc and give them more con­trast in Pho­to­shop buy ‘burn­ing’ them)

There are ‘sharp­en­ing’ fil­ters and ‘def­i­n­i­tion’ one in Apple’s Aper­ture. But they are to make things sharp­er that are already in focus. Main­ly the goal there is for them not to get even soft­er through the print­ing process… but when you apply it to a blur­ry pho­to, it real­ly does­n’t help.

I remem­ber my first weeks at RIT, my prof sug­gest­ed I go to the chem lab and ask them for some ‘refo­cus­ing agent’… Now, I’d been shoot­ing 10 years at that point and knew he was try­ing to pull one over on the coun­try-boy Fresh­man… there’s noth­ing you can do about bad focus… bum­mer. But I’m sure some­one stands in line every year, wait­ing to get refo­cus­ing agent for their bad pho­tos.

I do always sug­gest to peo­ple to take 3 shots of every­thing (or more!) so this hap­pens less.

Idea There is a new lens set­up that focus­es at many dis­tances at once and records that… maybe some­day snap cam­eras will inher­it that tech­nol­o­gy and give you a sec­ond chance??

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