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Ooh, the CD longevity topic is great… and I update the Digital Camera Questions topic when clients ask which of the newest cameras they should buy.

Here’s an example from today:

Q: My client/friend Katie asked a great question:

While in the Outer Banks a few weeks ago, my sister took a picture of my family, and it’s a great shot (Xmas card worthy), but it’s blurry for some reason. Do online programs like KodakGallery, Snapfish, etc have tools that help fix that? I guess more importantly, is that even fixable in t[/color]he first place?

A: Ken Says:

You know, that’s a great question…

Sadly, focus is one of the things that really can’t be changed. If something is a little out of focus, there are tricks to make it look more in focus (I take things like glasses and line areas like brows, hair, etc and give them more contrast in Photoshop buy ‘burning’ them)

There are ‘sharpening’ filters and ‘definition’ one in Apple’s Aperture. But they are to make things sharper that are already in focus. Mainly the goal there is for them not to get even softer through the printing process… but when you apply it to a blurry photo, it really doesn’t help.

I remember my first weeks at RIT, my prof suggested I go to the chem lab and ask them for some ‘refocusing agent’… Now, I’d been shooting 10 years at that point and knew he was trying to pull one over on the country-boy Freshman… there’s nothing you can do about bad focus… bummer. But I’m sure someone stands in line every year, waiting to get refocusing agent for their bad photos.

I do always suggest to people to take 3 shots of everything (or more!) so this happens less.

Idea There is a new lens setup that focuses at many distances at once and records that… maybe someday snap cameras will inherit that technology and give you a second chance??

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