• Hav­ing fun with the Green Screen Hock­ey Pho­tos… we took Alum­ni at Hock­ey game & are cut­ting them into the Tro­phy shot with Team. Up 4pm #
  • Just fin­ished upload­ing the lat­er cou­ples pho­tos from the Ball. Thx for patience! See them here: http://tinyurl.com/2wdc74j #
  • We did pho­tos green-screen­ing RIT Alum­ni into the Hock­ey Tro­phy pho­to… see them: http://tinyurl.com/2etw6x6 #
  • Over 79,000 pho­tos from Brick City Home­com­ing have been viewed… check them out & relive the fun! http://www.huthphoto.com/RITReunion2010/i #
  • Over 122,000 pho­tos from Reunion have been viewed! Most Pop­u­lar: Pres Ball, Brick City Run, Paci­no, Hock­ey Recep­tions etc, Ath­let­ic Reunions #

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