• Pho­to­vi­sion DVD set seems bet­ter for Portrait/Wedding/Senior pho­togs, but for $40 it seems like a good set. http://www.photovision2009.com/ #
  • Free count­down wid­get: http://tinyurl.com/26ajfw
    Free Stop­watch iChrono: http://widgets.tossen.net/ #
  • Over 1hr to put 1.8 gigs into online stor­age just won’t work… so much for back­ing up the pho­tos online. I gen­er­ate about 88 Gigs a month! #
  • Learn­ing about media fire safes like: Sen­try’s QE5541 Fire-Safe for $700 #
  • the big thing on these CDs I’m back­ing up from year 2000 is that they are ‘12x speed” hee #

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