• I just got the Mac Heist bun­dle. 7 apps worth $260+ for $20. Last day! Includes Rapid­Weaver (how I do my web site) http://bit.ly/heist-it #
  • Putting the FIRST Robot­ic pho­to gal­leries up using JAl­bum and Foto­Play­er 4 Pro skin. They just keep improv­ing! http://www.JAlbum.net #
  • Total­ly hap­py using JAl­bum & the skin Foto­Play­er to cre­ate this gallery w/folders for FIRST Robot­ics: http://tinyurl.com/yl6sc3c #
  • Icon­Shock Free icon sets great…and their for sale stuff is rea­son­able too http://bit.ly/5UHbL #

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