Ken is everywhere



…photos of me looking goofy

At the RIT President’s Ball. Thanks to Natalie Best for snagging this fun shot!




Actually, I’m kinda proud of this one. This is our new iPad wireless shooting setup. We broke it in at the NCAA Women’s Ice Hockey Tourney at RIT. Very cool setup.


Geva Theatre Center has put up a sweet display of my photos from them from over the years. I’ve done Geva’s Photography for over 19 Seasons & Theatre shooting is a speciality of mine.







While shooting a lab for the UR School of Nursing, I couldn’t help but get one of me as well… My other big focus area (other than theatre) is medial photography and I get to work with amazing folks all the time at the University of Rochester Med Center/Strong Hospital.

Seems I’m with the RIT mascot RITchie the Tiger a lot…


The person that taught me the technical side of photography during my days at RIT, the great Les Strobel. Les really did ‘write the book’ on being a great technical photographer…it was Materials and Processes of Photography or M&P for short.


I call this work of art ‘Man Subdues Nature’

(really a better name would be, ‘Idiot Photog Bumps Shutter’

While on a fun shoot for the George Eastman House, Cinema @ Sunset where I took the kids with me and we saw Bride of Frankenstein (fun!) and I got my car broken into and iPhone stolen (not fun).


Photo is backwards because?? And the reflection must also have enlarged my nose, ya, that’s it…


Ooh, new glasses circa 2008!

Photo is from helping Ron Cronk test his flash… thanks for the photo, Ron!

During the UR Meliora Weekend 2008



also during the UR Meliora Weekend 2008…hmmm, wonder if Brian thought the photo was about him 😉

At RIT Brick City Homecoming 2008… not just to be narcissistic, but also to mark the end of a series of photos before upload.


The annual meeting of the ‘Friends of Ken Huth‘ society… kinda sparse. Thanks to Ron Cronk for the photo. We have millions of shots like this over the years from testing light setups before the subjects come.


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