I’ve been asked to have stu­dents ‘shad­ow’ me and once I did a ‘mock inter­view’ with young pho­to stu­dents.

Here are a few ques­tions I worked up as pos­si­bles for the inter­view. If you are a young pho­to stu­dent, maybe think­ing about these things will give you a peek inside what a pro (read: decrepit old shoot­er 😉 thinks is rel­e­vant. Or what a pho­to edi­tor might ask you in an inter­view.

Post your com­ments and thoughts about the ques­tions (or some of your answers) below.


Years of shoot­ing

Magazines/web sites they like


Exam­ple of how you’ve worked on a team… how did it go?

Brought cam­era? Tell me about the cam­era fea­tures you like

Computer/Photoshop expe­ri­ence

How do you track and back­up your pho­tos?

Dig­i­tal vs. Film thoughts (this was a few years ago)

Most enjoy­able shoot/assignment you’ve ever done

Biggest mis­take you’ve made shoot­ing and how you worked it out

Future plans

Tell me about your­self: hob­bies, per­son­al­i­ty, pas­sions, work his­to­ry

Brought pho­tos to show me?

What’s the current/last book you read (pho­to or oth­er­wise)

What does the phrase ‘The Deci­sive Moment’ mean

What world leader is.… (me pick a cur­rent top­ic)

How would you: Get a sub­ject sharp and the back­ground ‘soft’

Get a sharp pho­tos at a day­time Base­ball game

Get good pho­tos of your school’s musi­cal

Let’s say I’m giv­ing you this assignment…tell me every­t­ing you would do from this sec­ond on through my get­ting fin­ished images (shoot: Vis­it­ing author at a ele­men­tary class, or Pres­i­dent at the Con­ven­tion Cen­ter)

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