So one of the rea­sons I final­ly bailed on Nikon cam­eras was that their piti­ful Pro Ser­vices. It was more like the ‘Pro­fes­sion­al­ly ignor­ing shoot­ers’ arm of the Nikon busi­ness.

I had one repair into their ‘pro expe­dit­ed ser­vice’ and after a few weeks I final­ly called, (after being on hold for a while) and they shuf­fled through some paper­work, found my lens repair and said they’d get on it… I’ve said before, one lens repair (on a $1500 lens), when looked at by the Non-NPS repair shop.. they said ‘Who repaired this lens last??!) It was so poor­ly done by Nikon Pro.

This Mon­day I sent our a flash repair to Canon , and today (Wednes­day) I got the repair approval via e‑mail (easy peasy) and since I pre-approved, it’s in process now. Should be done with­in 3 days.

This year Canon has switched to a tiered pro ser­vice set­up, but I got the same great ser­vice on my last repair of a body under their old sys­tem. I do pay now $100/year for my (mid­dle lev­el) of ser­vice. There’s a free lev­el below, and at my lev­el, I get 2 free body clean­ings a year, free return ship­ping and 30% off repairs… so it’ll pay for itself. The big thing for me is that Canon seems to be treat­ing us pros like we need to be treat­ed to keep shoot­ing. And frankly, my Canon equip­ment has been hold­ing up bet­ter than my Nikon equip­ment ever did. Ah, the joys of not hav­ing to re-glue my cam­era grips back onto a $5000 cam­era… bliss.

I’m not a famous nation­al guy, but how many of them are there to all of us local work­ing pros that need repairs done right and fast, and want to be tak­en care of just like we take care of our clients?

Oh, and they send fun things with the mem­ber­ship… a new, real­ly nice Canon Pro CPS cam­era strap, etc. And the sil­ly thing I love is the preprint­ed labels for repairs… nice job CPS.

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