One of the real­ly neat things about what I do is work­ing with a team of peo­ple over a peri­od of years.

I just wrapped up the RIT Alum­ni Sports Hall of Fame and it got me think­ing about how nice it is to know and be part of clients’ lives as friends.

I’ve been work­ing with RIT for over 17 years now and we’re a lot like fam­i­ly (hence the kiss above from my Inter­preter friends above… we get to sit togeth­er at lots of din­ners and vis­it and laugh about things…) Bar­bara Car­ney is like a sec­ond Mom, and we’re more like­ly to talk about deep, life things when we meet than ‘nice event, isn’t it’ kin­da chat­ter. Bar­bara was there while Lisa and I were decid­ing what to do as we has three mis­car­riages… and as we were final­ly blessed with Oliv­er last year.

Rob Grow just com­plete­ly trusts me to do my thing for events as huge as the 3 days of shoot­ing for the alum­ni week­end. For the past sev­er­al events, he’s giv­en me free reign with what pho­tos go on the screen to be seen by hun­dreds of impor­tant guests… includ­ing my decid­ing on goofy pho­tos of Dr. Simone!

So, I’m just all warm and fuzzy tonight, appre­ci­at­ing that I get to know so many clients very well … like you Dres­den, and Mare, and Julia Hahn, and the Fish­er Alum­ni Gang, the amaz­ing folks at the UR Med Alum­ni Depart­ment… and Mary Jane and John Walk­er… and… and…and…

It real­ly is a won­der­ful career. It’s been a great twen­ty years here in Rochester (group hug) 🙂


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