How to Organize Your Instagram Filters

hide the ones you use least & find some hid­den gems

Love Cool Instagram Filters & Want to Find Them Faster?

Move one or two filters quickly— Tap & Hold

When post­ing a pho­to in the Insta­gram app, tap and hold on the fil­ter pre­view image and you can drag to move it around (put your most used ones first!) or you can get rid of ones you rarely use by drag­ging them up to the ‘Drag to Hide’ area.

Manage a bunch of filters faster— Manage Filters

The oth­er way to keep things tidy fast is when you are in the fil­ter view for a post, scroll all the way to the end of your fil­ters to the ‘Man­age Fil­ters’ gear icon… tap on that and you can move things around quick­ly, hide the ones you don’t use, etc. Thanks Hoot­suite for this tip.

Bonus… Extra hidden filters!

Did you know you have more fil­ters in Insta­gram than you nor­mal­ly see??! When in the ‘man­age’ area, you can turn on extra hid­den fil­ters and play with them to see if they’ll be your new favorites.
image showing the 'Manage Filters' list with filters checked and unchecked to be hidden or shown


Which Instagram filters do you love mosts?

I’m par­tial to B/W and ones that add a pop or color/contrast.
My tops are: Inkwell. Claren­don, Juno & Lo-Fi. I keep some like Lark & Ves­per around for a dark­er shot that I want peo­ple to see the details bet­ter.
Photo of an RIT alumni group with bit more color and contrast than usual

I Love the quick, extra pop of col­or and con­trast from adding the Claren­don fil­ter to an image.

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