(Or how I got my Pod­cast mic)

Whew, we just avert­ed a major inci­dent here in lit­tle Williamson. The FedX guy and the UPS guy both deliv­ered to the house at the same time!
I shout­ed for them to remain calm and not start a gang turf war.
They were cool about my act­ing like an idiot and the best part is they deliv­ered Colin’s big Lego order and bet­ter still, my Blue Micro­phone.
Aper­ture­Cast here I come.

By the way, if you are the Avon Lady that had her box left in the rain in Wol­cott… it was nei­ther of these guys.
Must be DHL 😉

Some Com­ments from my old Blog about this post:
Hi, Ken. Nice Web site. It appears you’re using the iWeb pro­gram to cre­ate and pub­lish Web pages on a Mac. I recent­ly bought a Mac and start­ed play­ing with the iWeb soft­ware — are you pleased with it?

Also, it appears that your iWeb pages are pre­sent­ed cohe­sive­ly as part of your huth­pho­to Web site. I did­n’t feel as if I’d left your pro­fes­sion­al site and gone to a .mac site to view your fam­i­ly pages. If you inte­grat­ed .mac pages with your pro­fes­sion­al Web site, how did you do it?

For instance, here:

I’d like to have my main page host­ed, say, by Yahoo!, which then would point to .mac pages, but I was con­cerned it would be too abrupt to be cohe­sive. You seem to have mas­tered that prob­lem!
Fri­day, July 14, 2006 — 09:45 AM

Hi Travis, thanks so much for check­ing the site and blog out (and the nice com­ments too.)
I use Rapid­Weaver for the main frame of the site (it’s a Mac only pro­gram that makes it easy to cre­ate very nice sites using CSS)

Rapid­Weaver lets you cre­ate a pret­ty flex­i­ble kind of frame around any exter­nal page. So, you are right, you caught me using Apple’s iWeb for my kids sites and this blog. I use iWeb because of the awe­some look of the pages and con­trol of the Blog. For the kids, it’s easy to use and total­ly hooks them up with iPho­to for pho­to gal­leries and Garage­Band for Pod­casts.

Rapid­Weave comes with ‘themes’ like Pow­er­Point or Keynote, so it’s extreme­ly easy to change the look of your site, and not to look too cook­ie-cut­ter like oth­er tem­plate sites.

Enjoy the new Mac and shout again with any ques­tions. Post the link to your site here when you get it online, so we all can check it out.
Sat­ur­day, July 15, 2006 — 10:50 PM

One more thing… com­pa­nies are com­ing out all the time with themes for RW like this:
Elix­er Graph­ics

So you can pick amaz­ing look­ing themes for around $10-$20.

Also, RW has is just releas­ing ver­sion 3.5 in Beta, so it keeps get­ting bet­ter and bet­ter.
Sat­ur­day, July 15, 2006 — 11:06 PM

Hi, Ken. Thanks very much for the infor­ma­tion regard­ing Rapid­Weaver! That was a new one to me, so I read about it, and pur­chased it. I’m hav­ing all kinds of fun work­ing with it, try­ing to learn it from the beginnng. It looks real­ly easy to use.

Why is it that I always seem to stum­ble upon these cool soft­ware appli­ca­tions at the end of the week­end? Thanks again for the great tip, and I’ll be back with more ques­tions before you know it.
Sun­day, July 16, 2006 — 07:27 PM

lidie girl
hey dad! nice thingy.
Tues­day, August 1, 2006 — 05:00 PM

Mic­Man Ken
Now I’m using my cool new mic for Pod­casts!

(geeks can skip this sec­tion)

What’s a Pod­cast? Its an easy, inter­net way to get audio and video info to peo­ple… kind of like inter­net radio that you can sub­scribe to and have deliv­ered to your com­put­er dai­ly.
Please check out the Pod­casts link at the top of this page to see how you can lis­ten online or sub­scribe.
Tues­day, August 8, 2006 — 02:40 PM

Hi, Ken. I enjoyed lis­ten­ing to your pod­cast. The tech­nol­o­gy is mind-bog­gling these days. If I did­n’t have an actu­al job, I’d stay home all day and mas­ter these soft­ware options!

A ques­tion about your Blue Snow­ball mic… Is that what you used for the pod­cast? What are your thoughts about the mic? I’ve read lots of praise, but also lots of crit­i­cism about reg­u­lar voice record­ing with the mic — peo­ple say­ing the play­back lev­el is too soft… appar­ent­ly Blue is com­ing up with some sort of soft­ware patch.

One last ques­tion to get a han­dle on the qual­i­ty of your pod­cast audio. Were you using a pop fil­ter? Thanks!
Thurs­day, August 10, 2006 — 10:17 AM

I real­ly love the Blue Snow­ball. If any­thing, I think it’s too loud and I have to keep it down in the set­up (on Mac, under Sys­tem Prefs/Sound I had to low­er it to the mid-lev­el default set­ting, com­pared to my pre­vi­ous (Grif­fin Lav mic)
I think the sound qual­i­ty is sim­i­lar to pro mics I’ve used at radio sta­tions. Real­ly won­der­ful and rich.

I still haven’t total­ly fig­ured out the best sound. I did­n’t use a pop-screen, but plan to fake one (the panty­hose on hang­er trick!). I tried not to pop and had the mic a bit to one side. I use Garage­band to record and the ‘Radio voice Male’ is the set­ting I choose.

I’ve searched for a bet­ter mic for ages, and when I had the Apple $$ they rebat­ed us ear­ly Aper­ture adopters, I jumped at the chance to get the snow­ball from the Apple store.
It’s also very ver­sa­tile, with 3 switch­able set­tings. I pre­fer #1 (the car­toid, not Omni) for voice.

Oh, and I do see an update on their site

Thanks for ask­ing! Tell your friends about the pod­cast. The client one will be out by the end of the week and I’ll get iTunes list­ing.
Thurs­day, August 10, 2006 — 10:35 AM

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