I do a fair amount of talking to groups, but it’s usually about photo topics, digital photography, Photoshop, etc… But this time it’s different.

RIT has asked me to speak at a conference on the business side of my life, which is cool. I’ve often said that I got my early start by being a good businessman first, then a photographer. All photographers that are full-time should have a pretty good feature-set, but I felt that they often blow it on business (personal skills, billing mistakes, showing up late, not fitting in with a high-end group, etc).

One way I’ve summed up my early success is that I was the guy that didn’t screw up. I wasn’t the best, most creative shooter… just the last guy standing. (this stems from a story of working for the AP early on)


RIT asked me if I wanted to be involved in the ‘Networking’ topic, but I turned that down, as I’m an abysmal failure at networking. I hate all of that and often don’t have cards with me. I have been blessed that my business grew because of very kind clients spreading the word, but it was through no plan or system of mine.

Thanks to Deb and Kara for thinking I have something to share. It’s really nice to give back to people starting out. My topic will be on Striking Out on Your Own – Prospering As a Creative Entrepreneur

So maybe I’ll see you there!

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