(my version is the medium sized one hanging on the gold reflector. It comes with the carry bag to it’s right, which is nice)

I just got my 14″ PhotoVision Target. I also use the Expodisk, but find that in a fast shooting situation, I don’t take the time to snap it on the camera, go to the subject area and do the correction. Wonder if I’ll use this? I find I fumble with keeping the Expo on my lens, or holding it there and getting shot (OK, I’m a klutz).

The thing I like best about the Expo is for getting rid of just totally weird color casts. See my earlier test shots with it.

The goal of any of these things is to shoot a neutral target and then use custom White Balance in camera.

I like that this new PhotoVision target has three peaks to match in my histogram to set exposure as well at those three light levels. The 14″ really folds much more compact than I was thinking and it’ll easily fit in my camera bag, so I’ll always have it. It folds like a light disk down to 6.5″. And the back is a nice silver reflector that I could see using on location shots in a pinch. I’m often trying to get a smidge of lights into eyes on shoots without lights and this will always be there, ready to use.

More as I use them….

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