(my ver­sion is the medi­um sized one hang­ing on the gold reflec­tor. It comes with the car­ry bag to it’s right, which is nice)

I just got my 14″ Pho­to­Vi­sion Tar­get. I also use the Expodisk, but find that in a fast shoot­ing sit­u­a­tion, I don’t take the time to snap it on the cam­era, go to the sub­ject area and do the cor­rec­tion. Won­der if I’ll use this? I find I fum­ble with keep­ing the Expo on my lens, or hold­ing it there and get­ting shot (OK, I’m a klutz).

The thing I like best about the Expo is for get­ting rid of just total­ly weird col­or casts. See my ear­li­er test shots with it.

The goal of any of these things is to shoot a neu­tral tar­get and then use cus­tom White Bal­ance in cam­era.

I like that this new Pho­to­Vi­sion tar­get has three peaks to match in my his­togram to set expo­sure as well at those three light lev­els. The 14″ real­ly folds much more com­pact than I was think­ing and it’ll eas­i­ly fit in my cam­era bag, so I’ll always have it. It folds like a light disk down to 6.5″. And the back is a nice sil­ver reflec­tor that I could see using on loca­tion shots in a pinch. I’m often try­ing to get a smidge of lights into eyes on shoots with­out lights and this will always be there, ready to use.

More as I use them.…

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