For the URMC Dis­cov­ery Ball, we cre­at­ed sev­er­al huge dis­plays. This one was about 20 feet wide and was the scrim that then opened at the tran­si­tion to the din­ner hour. It is 16x9 for­mat HD and it includ­ed a time­lapse of a two hour sun­set from the new Wilmot Can­cer Cen­ter build­ing.

Over about 10 min­utes, you could see the sun­set through the win­dows, while peo­ple came and went, cars drove by and the lights came on… it was a big hit and guests stood there just watch­ing it. The dis­play then includ­ed some of my ‘beau­ty views’ of the new build­ing from the out­side fad­ing toward sun­set.

Thanks to Ron Cronk for his help dur­ing the 3 hours we worked on this shoot!


This dis­play of our work was 5′ tall prints (thanks to some great help from our local Kodak friends!)

The goal was real­ly to bring the new build­ing to the guests.

Thanks for the fun, cre­ative projects Kim & every­one at URMC & the Can­cer Cen­ter!

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