I’ve been using the service from Slide.com for a while and it continues to grow and add features.

It seems their market is the MySpace, Facebook crowd of vanity and blink slideshows, but wow, for a photographer, it’s an awesome way to easily get Flash versions of your images onto your site.

The above gallery is a ‘collage’ and below is a nice sliding effect that can scroll along in your site or blog.

Other great features:

  • easy shows from your images in Flickr
  • the shows can be sized and look good at smaller sizes
  • for all of the kitchy, trashy stuff you can do to pimp out your shows, you can still choose classy, pro-like shows with simple fades and effects
  • They have a Mac Uploader and some very interesting software you can run from your desktop

Its easy and free, so go and check them out and see more of my slide shows HERE.

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