The kids and I are goofing off doing some Geocaching and above we’re indicating our 2nd find.

You use a GPS to get in the ballpark area of treasure that other Geocachers hide, then search around and maybe work out clues… we’re having a blast.
The find above was in Ontario NY in Casey Park… it was ‘Yellowjacket’ themed and the swag Colin got from it was a 1943 steel penny. Then you leave something for the next finder, which Colin left one of his special $1 bill rings.

Believe it or not, I missed seeing this and was right under it looking on the ground and Colin said ‘Dad, whaaaat’s that??!” and, of course it was the cache in a cool Yellowjacket container.

Check out our first cache find HERE and more in general from

And part of the fun is that you don’t want anyone else to know what you are up to, so there’s lots of sneaking around (and buying french fries to look nonchalant at the McDonalds cache.. .(which we still haven’t found!)

Go to the site and put in your zip code…it’s amazing how many caches are probably within 10 miles of your house…it’s a world going on around you that you never knew. How cool is that!

10 bonus points for anyone who can tell what our handle is from: Spiderweb4-2

See you out on a hunt someday!

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