The kids and I are goof­ing off doing some Geo­caching and above we’re indi­cat­ing our 2nd find.

You use a GPS to get in the ball­park area of trea­sure that oth­er Geo­cachers hide, then search around and maybe work out clues… we’re hav­ing a blast.
The find above was in Ontario NY in Casey Park… it was ‘Yel­low­jack­et’ themed and the swag Col­in got from it was a 1943 steel pen­ny. Then you leave some­thing for the next find­er, which Col­in left one of his spe­cial $1 bill rings.

Believe it or not, I missed see­ing this and was right under it look­ing on the ground and Col­in said ‘Dad, whaaaat’s that??!” and, of course it was the cache in a cool Yel­low­jack­et con­tain­er.

Check out our first cache find HERE and more in gen­er­al from

And part of the fun is that you don’t want any­one else to know what you are up to, so there’s lots of sneak­ing around (and buy­ing french fries to look non­cha­lant at the McDon­alds cache.. .(which we still haven’t found!)

Go to the site and put in your zip code…it’s amaz­ing how many caches are prob­a­bly with­in 10 miles of your house…it’s a world going on around you that you nev­er knew. How cool is that!

10 bonus points for any­one who can tell what our han­dle is from: Spiderweb4‑2

See you out on a hunt some­day!

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