I’ve been fortunate to be asked to do copywork and retouching on two waves of historical images that the Friendly Home is putting on display. The long-time Pittford photographer Paul Spiegel gets all of the credit for these wonderful images, I’m only scanning them in and retoucing the bad spots in Photoshop.

If you are by the Friendly Home on East Avenue, the display is just inside the doors, in their entranceway. I copied the first images using my camera, but for this newer set, I have a better scanner and was very pleased with the results. If photos are too large to scan, or if there are many images of very similar size, doing them as copywork with a good digital camera is often faster than scanning.

Retouching Old Photos:
People also ask me about what can be retouched and I always tell them that I can retouch anything with some ‘reality’ around it. If a bad spot is surround by lots of good, similar area, it’s very easy to retouch it. If there is little ‘real’ material near the bad spot (or similar material somewhere in the photo), it’s hard to retouch without the results looking faked.

As an example, if there were parts of thw wood missing in the swimming photos, or a corner of the sky or grass in the kids line (a problem I did have), that’s easy to fix. If someone’s face was mostly missing, what could you take to replace it?

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