“Hi, I’m Ken and I have a thing about this water foun­tain”
—Hi Ken—
Guess I need a 12-step group.

I love this foun­tain and for some rea­son can’t resist shoot­ing it every time I’m at Nazareth Col­lege…
I think it’s the col­or of the tiles, how ver­ti­cal they are run­ning all the way to the floor. Maybe it’s how the foun­tain gets more beat up each time I see it. Who knows.

And, bonus, I was able to get this shot, right by my foun­tain this week!

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I feel like it should have a “Vote for Pedro” sign hang­ing over it.…
Thurs­day, July 27, 2006 — 09:49 PM

lidie girl
i like the dog. nice pho­tos.
Tues­day, August 1, 2006 — 05:02 PM

Hi, Ken. Your obvi­ous love for this water foun­tain aside, I was won­derng if you could clear up a mys­tery for ama­teur dig­i­tal pho­tog­ra­phers every­where. If I shoot a pic­ture and Pho­to­shop tells me the pho­to is 180 DPI, can I alter that to 300 DPI with­out degrad­ing the qual­i­ty of the pic­ture? The rea­son I would do this is if a print­er said a pho­to should be 300 DPI to ensure print qual­i­ty. Thanks for your advice.
Tues­day, August 1, 2006 — 05:08 PM

Hey Travis. Excel­lent ques­tion.
I cov­er it in (bor­ing) depth in the ‘Learn’ sec­tion of my main site www.HuthPhoto.com
the spe­cif­ic mes­sages about DPI/PPI are here

…and I’ll update it to include your spe­cif­ic ques­tion about doing it in Pho­to­shop.
Sun­day, August 6, 2006 — 08:17 PM

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