Some Notes on Work­ing With Huth­Pho­to:


When do you charge Day Rate vs Hourly?


The nor­mal split between ‘day rate’ and ‘hourly rate’ is the type of shoot­ing and the usage.


A quick pub­li­ca­tion shoot is billed by the hour. Long shoots, brochures, View­books and large file shoots all bill by the half-day.


I’m always hap­py to give you an esti­mate in advance so you know, and if there’s ever a great project you need, and you just don’t have the bud­get… you could tell me the bud­get and I’d be hap­py to sug­gest ways to get the job done with­in what you can afford.


I even have our Pho­toTeam asso­ciates that can put a less expen­sive shoot­ing pack­age togeth­er for you when you don’t need the full ‘Ken treat­ment’.








Why a Minimum Time Fee?


A note on why I bill for any min­i­mum time.


For short Pub­li­ca­tion shoots, I have a 2 hour min­i­mum shoot fee.


Min­i­mum time cov­ers more than just time with the cam­era in hand, it com­pen­sates us for shoot plan­ning, image prep time, office time— to be finan­cial­ly viable, a min­i­mum fee allows us to do every­thing need­ed for your com­plete pho­to project. 





How is time calculated & additional hours billed?


I bill for total time on the clients site, includ­ing haul­ing lights in and set­up when need­ed, plan­ning out the shoot with the client, scout­ing loca­tions, etc… and I have a 2 hour min­i­mum for pub­li­ca­tion shoots and then bill for each addi­tion­al half-hour.



A few last pricing thoughts & examples…


My cur­rent rates are HERE


As an exam­ple:


If you have us come in for 2 hours for a pub­li­ca­tion shoot, or an event, you can expect an esti­mate around $500. Longer events like Balls/Galas and full Pub­li­ca­tion Fea­tures ( 4–5 hours of shoot­ing, lots of image prep) are often around $1100. Cor­po­rate shoots with light­ing, etc start at $1500 for a four hour half-day.


A per­son­al note…


For my last cam­era upgrade, I spend $7000 on new equip­ment and over $30,000 in the last 5 years… I pay my own health care, busi­ness insur­ance, etc… and I’ve been shoot­ing for over 25 years, so my rates are based on real finan­cial needs and my expe­ri­ence and skills.



… But I don’t have a budget big enough, am I stuck?


I under­stand that a clien­t’s bud­get might not always make the 2 hour min­i­mum, or my rates.


I can help by sug­gest­ing an asso­ci­at­ed pho­tog­ra­ph­er through our Pho­toTeam that can do a mod­i­fied ver­sion of the work for less.




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