Fam­i­ly in Action:

Every­one in Durham seems to expe­ri­ence so many of their big events with fam­i­ly. I love to see kids going to Art of Cool shows, music gigs at Full­steam and, like here, to Full Frame doc­u­men­taries at the Car­oli­na The­ater.

These kids are get­ting an awe­some start on being cool… and they’ve already got super-cute down pat 🙂 

By the way, this is my friend Dilip, who’s an active dance, etc pho­tog­ra­ph­er in the area. We met when he coor­di­nat­ed a Durham char­i­ty pho­to walk (yep, he teach­es pho­tog­ra­phy too and has a great way with stu­dents!)

Car­oli­na The­ater Down­town Durham, NC

pho­to by: Huth­Pho­to

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