Leaping Into Fall

Oliv­er is up for a jump just about any­where…

As we’re leap­ing into the fall, I just want­ed to say— remem­ber to enjoy your­self. Just because we have work, and bills, and trou­bles… doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy each day in our nifty home­town. 

And for per­son­al rea­sons, can I say— tell folks around you that you love them, that they are appre­ci­at­ed, and please let’s be kind to every­one we meet. It could be our last oppor­tu­ni­ty, or be just what they need­ed to hear. And togeth­er, we can keep the tone of our home­town warm (and of course, funky and dirty).

pho­to by: Huth­Pho­to

in our fur­thest out Tri­an­gle city to date on Nifty­Durham, Ben­son NC.

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