Dig­i­tal cam­era Auto White Bal­ance is just awful. I’ve nev­er used it on any brand of cam­era I’ve owned (includ­ing my cur­rent Canon EOS1D M3). Nor­mal­ly I can guess at a close bal­ance and use the man­u­al set­ting for Flash, or ‘Cloudy’ on most out­door shoots. I’ve played around with set­ting the Cus­tom WB using a white, black or grey card and rarely like the results.… enter the ExpoDisc .

The quick review is that it rocks.

It even tweaks bounce flash col­or to be more accu­rate and han­dles mixed light­ing nice­ly. Because flo­res­cent lights are banned from my house (for­get going green… I total­ly hate that harsh, ugly col­or!)… so I haven’t tried that yet. I can’t wait to, since I shoot in many labs, etc where the flo­res­cent mix is weird. Or in total­ly nasty envi­ron­ments like the Sodi­um Vapor lights at RIT. This will get me so much clos­er to cor­rect col­or on the shoot, and I’ll need less tweak­ing in Aper­ture.

Exam­ples of my (very) infor­mal tests.

Auto WB (Nat­ur­al light from a win­dow, plus the TV glow of a Mario game!) It’s kind of close.


Cloudy WB (what I would have used before)

ExpoDisc Cus­tom WB (much clean­er… look at the white con­troller and socks)

This is a dif­fer­ent day, and dif­fer­ent light­ing…
Auto WB


(This Expo shot is a touch magen­ta, but I was rush­ing and be I could have got­ten a bet­ter read­ing)

Final Exam­ple:

KAH_3658.jpg KAH_3653.jpg

Cloudy WB (the green leaves were trash­ing the color).…vs.….ExpoDisc

To use it, you put the cam­era on Man­u­al Focus, and Auto WB. Put the ExpoDisc on your lens and go to where the sub­ject is and aim at the light source, back toward the cam­era. This is a clas­sic light-meter­ing set­up for inci­dent meter­ing (and for you pho­to-geeks, Inci­dent is why it gets a bet­ter read than Reflec­tive meter­ing does off of a grey card.) The ExpoDisc can also be used as a light meter…cool. They have some nice video tuto­ri­als HERE. (and know, they haven’t paid me to rave about them! I’m just hap­py to get bet­ter col­or)

Then in cam­era, you set that frame as your Cus­tom White Bal­ance and you are off an shoot­ing. For stu­dio Flash, Hand­held, you just need to trig­ger with a remote and get that read­ing from the sub­ject area fac­ing the flash. I can’t wait to try using it to clean up some off-white ceil­ings that always taint my bounce flash col­ors! Peo­ple real­ly paint ceil­ings odd col­ors…

I’ll shout if I have any oth­er notes. I’m very hap­py so far. It’s a bit pri­cy for the non-Pro shoot­er.… Ado­ra­ma has my size for $105. It’s good to fit your biggest lens, then you can just hold it over small­er lens­es. They also have less accu­rate, less expen­sive ‘ama­teur’ ver­sions… as long as your cam­era cad do a Cus­tom White Bal­ance, you can use this. See HERE

PS: To pre­serve mar­i­tal har­mo­ny, here’s a shot of my love­ly Lisa (and one with Oliv­er), when I haven’t drug her out­side for a pho­to test…

IMG_8113.JPG IMG_8179.JPG

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