I love doing these event books because they really show off the whole range of photos from an event and let me add the creative detail photos and ‘quiet/behind the scenes moments’ that I love to shoot.

If you hover over the example above, there are some captions here and there. Also, clicking on it will take you to a web page where you can see all of the photos. The first shots are from the Highland Hospital Gala and later are from RIT. I create the books in Apple’s Aperture software.

I’m doing 7 books for RIT Alumni from the even I shoot tonight, so you know what I’ll be doing Monday.

And the price I charge right now is just $100 to create the book (which honestly takes 2-3 hours or more), and then $100 per printed, hardcover 8.5×11″ book. I’m sure in time those prices will have to go up, but I’m thrilled clients are getting into the idea more and more.

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