I’ve been retouch­ing some images late­ly in Pho­to­shop and the way I work reminds me of the adage ‘It’s often eas­i­er to ask for for­give­ness than to get per­mis­sion’.

What does that have to do with Pho­to­shop? Where’s the ‘for­give­ness’ tool?

Well, it’s called the ‘His­to­ry Brush’ and the way it plays out is that it’s often eas­i­er to do a quick and dirty retouch­ing (get that Exit sign out from behind the sub­jec­t’s head) and not wor­ry too much about if you spill the retouch­ing over onto the sub­ject them­selves.

They use your His­to­ry Brush, with a small brush size and ‘his­to­ry back’ over the sub­ject to clean up the mess you left.

That’s much faster than being metic­u­lous in your retouch or mak­ing the per­fect selec­tion around an object.

Give it a try. And remem­ber that you can set the His­to­ry point any­where in your His­to­ry palette list, so click on the box next to the His­to­ry state that was right before your slop­py retouch.

Hap­py Slop­py Retouch­ing!

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