I rotate my tax­es box­es over a 7 year peri­od, so I just pulled my 1999 tax­es to make way for doing 2006.

How dif­fer­ent things were just sev­en years ago:

• Dig­i­tal Cam­eras—I paid $900+ for my first dig­i­tal pro-sumer cam­era a year or so before (Kodak DC260) and was in 1999 deduct­ing my next dig­i­tal cam­era, the Nikon CoolPix 950 for over $1000.

• Com­put­er RAM…any­body up for the big 128Megabyte RAM upgrade (PC100) for $138!

• Blank CD’s for my burner—$2 per blank CD (they are about 25¢ each now)… ah, and on the same invoice, I bought the first ver­sion of the

Myst Game!

• Phone Bills—Back then I had a nor­mal phone line and long dis­tance via Sprint. It was around $35/month for the local phone and $40-$50/month in long dis­tance.
Today, I have Von­age for my home line for less than $20/month and my cell ser­vice with Cin­gu­lar comes with free long dis­tance.

• Film & Chem­i­cals—I would go to RIT and buy around $300 worth of sup­plies every three to four weeks. And then there was process and col­or at labs, and my time doing this all.
Today: Dig­i­tal, baby! After you plunk down the big mon­ey for the cam­era, upgrad­ed Mac, Soft­ware, etc, etc…as Lisa I’m sure will tell you 😉

• A deliv­ery ser­vice was need­ed back then to deliv­er things from here (45 min­utes from Rochester). Now clients edit online and get their images from me by con­ve­nient down­load.

• My Pho­to­shop 5.5 Upgrade was bought in 1999,

and I paid $70 to renew HuthPhoto.com for two more years (I just paid around $80 to buy it till 2015.

• I pho­tographed Meryl Streep as my first big event for the George East­man House in 1999, and I see that Geva was going strong as a big client

• Logos—Above, you’ll see I was phas­ing out the ‘film and sprock­ets’ logo (top of page, on the right) and was mov­ing toward the big, swoopy H logo (up there again on the left).

I bagged that after a few years of get­ting pay­ments to H Pho­to. Is my cur­rent logo, here, too dat­ed yet?

So, that’s the trip in the way-back machine I just took and hope you’ll get a kick out of see­ing how much has changed with dig­i­tal pho­tog­ra­phy, the ‘net and Huth­Pho­to in these last amaz­ing sev­en years.

Com­ment (from my old blog):
I think I still have notepads with both of those old logos!
Mon­day, Feb­ru­ary 19, 2007 — 11:17 AM

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