Quick sil­ly tip…to keep orga­nized:

If you are doing tons of pho­to loca­tions (Like many dif­fer­ent build­ings, or as above, dif­fer­ent class­rooms) you can eas­i­ly keep visu­al track of where you were and eas­i­ly spot the tran­si­tions from one loca­tion to anoth­er by tak­ing a pho­to-note like this.

It all start­ed when I was taught that in sports if you shoot pho­tos of the score­board peri­od­i­cal­ly, you could keep your film (f’- ill- mmm’: The plas­ti­cy stuff that pre­ced­ed dig­i­tal cap­ture) in order. From there, I’ve branched out to tak­ing a quick pho­to of a school’s name before going in and then tak­ing a pho­to of those stan­dard xerox­ed ‘Sem­i­nar Ses­sion 123: The Health Ben­e­fits of Cof­fee’ signs that are always out­side of rooms at large con­fer­ence events.

The pho­to above was to used to track which class I was in for a courseguide in the Rush-Hen­ri­et­ta Schools.

You could even shoot the sub­jec­t’s name or a note about a pho­to some­one wants for you. I’m always los­ing scraps of paper from shoots, but I nev­er lose a pho­to, and it’s a great reminder right there with your event images!

It also is the per­fect visu­al key for your clients who might have to edit your pho­tos.

So the next time you have to shoot lots of sim­i­lar look­ing things, do your­self a favor and take a quick pho­to note so you know where you were.

Hap­py low-stress shoot­ing!


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