If some­one asks me one more time on a shoot ‘Hey, how many mexapix­els does that cam­era have??’ I’m going to scream.

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

Hhh­hh, whew, that felt good.

Cam­eras ALL have enough megapix­els now, they have for sev­er­al years and any camer you buy will have enough res­o­lu­tion to make pho­tos 8x10”, 11x17” and if you want big­ger, Gen­uine Frac­tals is only a few dol­lars pur­chase away. With GF you can get (from a nice file) any size image you need.

So relax with the pix­el ques­tions… I’m sure folks are just try­ing to be inter­est­ed and that’s the thing they know to ask (or show they are hip to dig­i­tal pho­to lin­go 😉

What should we ask?
Ask me if they cam­era has any cool fea­tures, or what my favorite cam­eras are now, or how to improve shots you are hav­ing trou­ble with, or ANYTHING but about the specs of my cam­era.

I’m bored stiff about MP and it shows the mar­ket­ing twonks who sell cam­eras have peo­ple focused on buy­ing more than they need and avoid­ing the real needs like good menu sys­tems, bright lens­es, flash that looks good, etc.

(end of rant)

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