Keep an eye on the ‘Blogroll’ to the right where I post my current books (if you are interested in that sort of stuff). It’s usually a pretty fun, eclectic collection!
I’m reading the book above with Colin. It’s full of short, odd, stories from history (like about the first subway in NYC being a hidden pneumatic tube… or ‘Mike the Headless Chicken’)

Lisa and I read Cold Comfort Farm when we are making cinnamon rolls on Friday eves… hey, and that’s tonight! We saw the movie first and loved it. I always describe it as Monty Python dropped into the middle of Wuthering Heights… you aren’t sure at first how to take the dry humor and then it just sweeps you away.

Lydia and I continue in the prequils to the Little House books…. This is about LE Wilder’s Grandmother growing up in Boston. We’ve been working our way back, so it’s fun to see one girl’s life with her adult Mom, then go back a generation and see when Mom was a little girl. They do a nice job weaving it all together. We are reading ‘On Tide Mill Lane‘ now.

So if you are looking for something fun to read, or just want to topic of conversation the next time you see us… check out the Blogroll for what we’re reading!

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