Keep an eye on the ‘Blogroll’ to the right where I post my cur­rent books (if you are inter­est­ed in that sort of stuff). It’s usu­al­ly a pret­ty fun, eclec­tic col­lec­tion!
I’m read­ing the book above with Col­in. It’s full of short, odd, sto­ries from his­to­ry (like about the first sub­way in NYC being a hid­den pneu­mat­ic tube… or ‘Mike the Head­less Chick­en’)

Lisa and I read Cold Com­fort Farm when we are mak­ing cin­na­mon rolls on Fri­day eves… hey, and that’s tonight! We saw the movie first and loved it. I always describe it as Mon­ty Python dropped into the mid­dle of Wuther­ing Heights… you aren’t sure at first how to take the dry humor and then it just sweeps you away.

Lydia and I con­tin­ue in the pre­qui­ls to the Lit­tle House books.… This is about LE Wilder’s Grand­moth­er grow­ing up in Boston. We’ve been work­ing our way back, so it’s fun to see one girl’s life with her adult Mom, then go back a gen­er­a­tion and see when Mom was a lit­tle girl. They do a nice job weav­ing it all togeth­er. We are read­ing ‘On Tide Mill Lane’ now.

So if you are look­ing for some­thing fun to read, or just want to top­ic of con­ver­sa­tion the next time you see us… check out the Blogroll for what we’re read­ing!

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